Azad Jammu Kashmir

Girls Hostels in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Akson Girls’ Hostel

It is centrally located within the city with markets and universities close to it. Has a great, congenial atmosphere, with students hailing from different cities but difficult living conditions find it better to stay at this hostel. The rooms are clean and furnished, with a large common lounge.  (Wi-Fi, Pick & Drop also available).

Kashmir Girls Hostel

Kashmir Girls hostel is among the oldest yet popular hostel in Mirpur. It has a tendency to attract more single working women than college students, and its thrives on that. It also has a big communal kitchen, so anyone can cook what they like. This hostel also allows separate fridges in room, and air-conditioning if wanted, because of separate meters. It also has more flexible visitation rules.

Parween Akhtar Memorial Girls Hostel

This Girls hostel is a few meters away from Kashmir Girls hostel but is quite different. It is more close knit, with room housing 3 females each. The communal hall is quite big with table tennis table. This hostel also provides pick and drop services anywhere the girls require from 8am to 8pm. The markets are quite close and a helper is available on the premises to fetch what the girls may require at a later hour. The environment is homey and welcoming.

Al Rehan Girls hostel

Al Rehn Girls hostel is located in sector A-1 Akbar Road Mirpur. It mostly houses girls from nearby colleges and universities. The food is catered by the hostel in the form of a small mess. The room charges aren’t very high, and there are choices between single, double and hall rooms to choose from.

Dokhtr-e-Mashraq Girls Hostel

It is the most conservative and strict of the lot. The hostel firmly believes in discipline and rules and has a no 2nd chance policy. However, its facilities are some of the best available in the small city.

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