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Best Time to Travel to Mirpur Azad Kashmir

What is the best time to visit Mirpur? It is the most widely recognized question asked by the voyagers. Each Season has its own appeal in Mirpur. Does not make a difference whether it’s December or June. Mirpur stays opened 12 months in a year up to Keran. In the event that you need to investigate Mirpur till Taobat then best time to visit Mirpur is amongst April and October. For hiking the best time to travel begins from mid of July to mid of September.

Beautiful Mosque in Mirpur


Mirpur the locale headquarters is arranged at a height of 459 meters ASL. It is connected with the primary Peshawar-Karachi Grand Trunk street at Deena, a residential area around 15 kilometers shy of Jhelum city.The development of Mangla dam changed over the old Mirpur town into a major fake lake and affected the number of inhabitants in around 50,000. In any case, it made ready for existing new Mirpur town arranged on the banks of Mangla Lake. The city is very much arranged and structures are generally of modem plan. Mirpur has formed into a mechanical city quickly. All the fundamental conveniences of life are accessible here. Universities, healing centers, banks, malls, inns, phone and transmit units, Forest, PWD, Industries and Tourist rest houses exist in the city. Transport and wagon transport administrations are likewise accessible.

Amazing Mangla Dam


Mangla is a little delightful modem town. It is arranged at a separation of 110 kilometers from Islamabad and 15 kilometers shy of Mirpur city. The development of Mangla repository having edge of 100 kilometers and nearness of Mangla and Ramkot Forts of Mughal period have transformed this place into an alluring vacationer spot. Mangla has uncommon fascination for the visitors going ahead short visits in view of its vicinity to Jhelum, Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

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