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Best Swimming Pools in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Swimming is a great form of exercise and an equally great way to beat the heat in the warm summer months. Not only is it a great way to maintain physical fitness, but also the best way to stay entertained for hours; splashing and swimming away in the cool waters, a great past time to keep the kids entertained!

In Mirpur there are some pools that exemplify that feeling of luxury combined with the overall joy swimming brings, to list down a few, see the list below

Regency Swimming Pools

First we start off with Regency Swimming Pool situated at Block B, Sabza Zar shah Fareed Chowk near the Azad Mega mart AJK.  The Grand Regency Hotel has the best pool in the area, with additional services such as a lifeguard to protect children from any mischief, who is fully trained in all forms of CPR techniques and lockers for guests who want to keep their towels and clothes safe and secure. Not only is the pool offering great services, but it is also beautifully constructed as the pool is made of divine marble flooring and has a great plumbing system.

Another great swimming pool facility in Mirpur is situated at Allama Iqbal Road, Sector D1, and Mirpur AKJ. This is the perfect place to beat the heat and indulge in a calm and peaceful environment especially since there is a guest only prohibition at this facility. Timings for men and women are different so that everyone can enjoy the pool and children are allowed throughout pool timings. The staff is fully committed to taking care of the guests every need such as safety concerns and refreshments.  There are no extra pool charges if you are a residing guest and there is even a swimming instructor present to help you best avail your time there.

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