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Best Gyms For Men in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Amin Gym

One of the best gym in Mirpur Azad Kashmir hands down is Amin Gym. It is a well established gym which offers the best facilities and services with machines such as the Horizontal Seated Leg Press, Cable Biceps Bar, the Chest Press and the Hanging Leg Raise to name a few. They have special instructors that help you focus on whatever area you want to accentuate and build up on, designing a full body workout as per your body’s needs. The perfect place for budding body builders with a desire to increase muscle mass and reach their potential. They offer a month full body training session as well.

Kings Gym

Kings Gym is a local Gym/Physical fitness centre in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir that offers the best services when it comes to physical fitness. In terms of extra and additional services for female members, there are complimentary aerobics, boxercise, yoga, circuit training and taekwondo 3 times a day. Lockers, showers, steam rooms and sauna are available to members. Towels are provided with each workout and there are separate locker rooms for all members to put away their belongings in safety. There is State of the Art equipment such as Free-weights, dumb bells, barbells Resistance machines. There is also a CAFÉ Open 5pm-10pm In addition to offering delicious snacks, meals and refreshments, café offers pre and post-workout shakes/meals

Ghani men Gym

Ghani men’s gym is one of best coaching gym in Mirpur where you are provided a personal trainer and are allowed the services from instructors to transform your body with full attention and concentration. The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming, hygienic, high-energy yet family-oriented environment. Free-weights are available for members; there is a GX room and cardio area each on separate floors. The overall aim is to inspire, motivate and educate people towards a more healthier, active and fit lifestyle

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