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Best gyms For Females in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Gyms are a great way to exercise and maintain a healthy figure; this is something that most women in the Asian subcontinent do not pay a lot of attention to as it is not a trend. However women’s health is something extremely important even though it is largely ignored. This is why we are listing the best gyms for a full body workout in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.

Amin Gym

Amin Gym in F2 road Near Quaid-e-Azam stadium Mirpur, Azad Kashmir is one of the best gyms in the area, with over 500plus happy and satisfied customers and gym goers that have opted for membership. Since the basic concern for women is safety and the availability of female instructors to guide them, Amin Gym has that problem sorted and currently employs 4 fully trained female instructors plus many more for men. It is a co gym, however, the timings for men and women are separate, with women coming in from 12 AM to 4PM and men’s timings 4 PM onwards. The environment is very friendly and safe so that women can focus on exercising instead of worrying about other issues such as worrying over their safety.

Usman Gym

Another great place for females to come and avail gymming facilities is Usman Gym in Mirpur situated at the Usman and Zishan Plaza, Allama Iqbal Road, D/1, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.  It is the best medical health and fitness recreational center in the area. It has a really high average of 4 stars on its official Facebook page and claims to offer the best services to its customers. For women there are special machines which are very clean and have the very best and state of the art technology.

The Ladies Fitness club

Another amazing establishment is The Ladies Fitness club which is located at Mirpur Bypass, Dheari Choudhrian and this is the best women’s only gym in the area. The unique thing about the place is that because it is only for women, it is an open and safe environment for women to avail the opportunity in maintaining a healthy figure without any hesitation. The instructors are very friendly and helpful and the services are the best.


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