Top 10 Strange And Common Phobias

Did you ever get stuck when you were asked what phobias you have? And that you got stuck because you were unsure. I mean, come on, who has experienced literally everything in this world, maybe we weren’t exposed to things that would turn out to be our fears. But sometimes you would know what the fear is but not the right term for it. You don’t need to worry because here we bring you the terms for the most common and some strange phobias so next time you know how to answer like a pro.

  1. Acrophobia – The fear of heights

  2. Somniphobia – The fear of sleep

  3. Gynophobia- The fear of women

    funny couple in a bar series
  4. Ligyrophobia – The fear of loud noises

  5. Pediophobia- The fear of dolls

  6. Pyrophobia – The fear of fire

  7. Cibophobia – The fear of food

  8. Basiphobia – The fear of falling

  9. Andophobia – The fear of men

  10. Philophobia- The fear of love


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