Pain Demands To Be Felt: Only After Can You Be Happy

There can be two kinds of pain. First, the emotional pain and secondly the physical pain. It is said that when pain is gone, life takes its place. Pain can be reduced by running, this is commonly referred to as the runner’s high by pushing our body against the pain threshold. We are literally able to increase our experience a pleasure in life yet if we seek endless pleasure it quickly turns to pain. This doesn’t mean that we should be seeking endless pain either it seems that maybe some pain is best.

A group of researchers asked people about traumatic and painful events in their life. They did that to measure the lifetime adversity, in simple words how much they had to deal with over the years. After noting down the lifetime adversities, researches asked to put their hand into a bucket of iced water and hold it there for as long as they could in a bucket of iced water.

The people with little lifetime adversity they took their hand out more quickly. The people with a lot of lifetime adversity held their hand in the ice bucket for longer. What’s interesting is if you look at the the black line both of these regrouped groups reported more pain. It was a people in the middle the people with a moderate amount of lifetime adversity who held their hand the ice bucket just as long as anybody else did but they reported the least amount of pain they bear. That is the thing about pain, pain demands to be felt. Only after it can you work towards finding your happiness.


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