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Mansha, we hope you’re reading this. If you’ve ever wondered how people look at you or feel about you, you can simply analyze that by checking out your Instagram & Twitter public profile feeds below.

Your Instagram’s Public Feed

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Here's the 2nd episode of Pabbo Badmash (#Urdu Version shortened for twitter) where he faces the only adversary he fears every year. But today, he musters every inch of willpower to confront this wily opponent.

#CelebrateEidResponsibly #EidMubarak

Have offered my condolences to the fashion fraternity who has lost one of its best. They are feeling the loss very deeply.
What her family must be going through i just cant even imagine.
Praying for #ZaraAbid and all those aboard #PK8303
May God help us all. Ameen.

I saw a blogger on insta sharing an outfit using the plane crash hashtag for views.
I saw journalists sensationalizing death.
I saw a failed system that didn't prioritize human lives.

We thought "lockdown" was making us re-evaluate & be "better".

But no, we're still the same.

People may not always hear what you say but they will definitely observe if you’re practising what you’re preaching. Always lead by example. You don’t have to be in a position of authority or power to do that. Live a life of goodness and the message will spread far and wide!

Unsung hero of Sindh Police.
He reached PIA crash site as first responder & took part in the search & rescue operations for hours untill he collapsed due to suffocation. Currently he is being treated at Model Medical Center.

There is news that model Zara Abid was in the flight. Praying and hoping she and others survive this! Allah sab pay reham karay!

A close relative was on the flight from Lahore that crashed. There are survivors — he is one.

I have spoken to Danish. Please stop the fake news. Both husband and wife are safe at home Allah ka lakh lakh shukar.

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