Irfan Junejo – That’s How People See You!

Irfan, you’ve ever wondered how people look at you or feel about you, you can simply analyze that by checking out your Instagram & Twitter public profile feeds below.

Your Instagram’s Public Feed

And Your Twitter’s Public Feed

Regularly blows my mind that no one can get sponsors to ever, ever take a risk on unknown, underground musicians... but every third brand in Pakistan is happy to sponsor eastern European DJs, who even Google doesn't know about, to come perform here. Solund Festival the latest.

Marketing that doesn't look like or seem like marketing is always at an advantage when compared to Obvious Marketing™.

Apparently, starting the topic with ‘Surgical ward main aye aur stoma bags na lagaye tou kya khak Surgical ward main aye’ only to listen to, ‘Are you a big @irfanjunejo fan?’from a junior I sunaaofied earlier wasn’t a good idea. All the seriousness ended & we discussed the vlogs.

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Keep spreading your awesomeness Irfan 😉

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