How To Mend A Broken Heart

When you’re in a relationship you feel as if the other person is your emotional center so when you lose that connection you may feel a bit lost. I’m going to show you how you can relieve your suffering. The key way to get power over your emotions is to control your thoughts and actions; don’t let yourself get pulled into sadness.

You have a choice whenever you feel sad. Pay close attention to your thoughts, if a negative thought arises ell yourself something positive for example one common thought is “I’ll never find someone like that again that person was so unique and had so many things that I loved.”

Well yes they were unique but others are unique too there who have plenty in common with you. You may meet someone who is unique and pleases you in surprising ways.

We often tend to give more power to our negative thoughts but the truth is good things can always happen. You will meet someone new perhaps as soon as tomorrow. You may still have thoughts about your ex and that is normal. Certain things or activities will remind you of them and that’s okay. It’s part of the process.

When you think of them smile and continue living your life. Staying busy is always a good idea. It’s also common to obsess about mistakes you made during the relationship. Let yourself be at peace with the break-up. Most relationships break up for a good reason the relationship was meant to end so it’s really for the best.

Make peace with that. It’s also true that you are now free you can do whatever you wanted with your time. Enjoy your freedom when you feel like you’re about to get pulled into negative thinking; remind yourself that you can enjoy your life even if you’re single. Being able to step back from negative thoughts and instead focus on positive ones. It will take some discipline but you will notice that you can choose not to suffer, you really do have the power to control your mind and keep doing the things you enjoy. You might feel like you’re just going through the motions but it’s important to continue acting as you did before. This will protect you from becoming depressed.

You can also use this breakup as an opportunity you might have noticed yourself attracting a string of people you don’t like. If you grow and better yourself you will attract someone who is doing the same. So take this moment to consider how you can improve yourself. Perhaps there are things you wanted to work on but haven’t yet started or maybe you have dreams that you haven’t started working on. If you’re willing to work on yourself you will attract someone who is also willing to work and you will have a great relationship. In this way what was the end of a relationship is now the beginning of a new path the most important thing is to catch yourself as you begin to feel negative. Step back for a minute don’t let yourself be drawn in or panic. Comfort yourself and focus on something positive.


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