Horrible Rituals Happening to Women Around the World

This Masai tribe of Kenya as well as other groups in Africa use female “circumcision” as their main ritual marking of a young woman’s transition to womanhood. The circumcision ceremony begins at dawn and involves the removal of all or part of the external female genitals. This ritual is often performed with crude tools and/or knives. The poor girls get no anesthesia of any kind and it is absolutely and unimaginably painful and may even stop the young girls from feeling any sensual feelings for the rest of their lives.

These tribes don’t know of the long term health risks that this procedure will cause such as life threatening infections and increased risks of HIV. The community only considers a girl marriage-able after she has gone through this procedure.  And like Jane Austen says in her novel, “Marriage is the most important thing in the world for a woman”.

A Nigerian woman who went through the agony herself describes the scene in her words. She says “I remember I was seven years old when I was cut. The pain was intense because I was cut with a razor blade. I was held down by three or four people and held us here and they did not use any anesthetics. Rama Monson our grandmothers came and of course she comforted us. They comforted each girl but no one could explain why it was done to us. I’ve got three daughters and two of them have been cut, I didn’t realize what was wrong with this ritual but for the third daughter I fought the man back and didn’t allow it to happen to my daughter. I don’t want this ritual to carry on, I want this to stop but the philanthropists are who make this excruciating ritual carry on.”

This is just one example of cruelty done to women in the name of so called tradition, religion and rituals. This needs to stop. Even if you’re saved from such cruelty watch out for others who have to go through some undesired practices in their lives just because they are women.


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