He Is Not Worth Your Love

We all are destined to fall in love but not all are lucky to find their true love at once. Some of us fall in trap of bad guys who are not the creatures one should fall for. Many people have really bad experiences but that doesn’t mean that there are no good guys out there, you just have to look carefully and notice the guys who really make an effort to bring a smile on your face; they will do as simple things as keeping a chocolate in your school bag the day you seemed sad. But what about the guys who are toxic and keep an unhealthy relationship based on nothing but their own interests?

Trust me, toxic relations seep the life out of you. These boys will leave you one day for sure with nothing but self-hatred and feelings of nothingness.

He doesn’t love you

A girl just knows when someone really loves her. His actions are a reflection of what he really feels about you. But out of need for love we satisfy our ego with false assumptions such as he is just a bit different, he can’t show his emotions or this is his way of loving me. Just stop this nonsense, identify the person who is lying to your face and then cut him out.

He disrespects you

The definition of love might vary for every other person but there are some standards of respect for everyone. If he physically abuses you, then cut him out immediately. If he verbally abuses you, lies to you, talks badly about things and people you love without any regard fore your feelings, then he has no respect for you. Leave him.

He cannot connect to you emotionally

For girls emotional support is a big deal. We need it. We need someone to understand us without having to say much. If he cannot understand your intentions behind your actions, he definitely can’t understand you and won’t be able to connect to you emotionally, this might be because he never wanted to understand you.


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