5 Things You Can Find On Darknet

The darknet is a highly secret portion of the internet that is not indexed by conventional search engines. To access this part of the web one will need a particular web browser and a strong stomach. Many things happen in the darknet. Most of them highly illegal with the anonymous ways in which the Deep Web is accessed. It allows goods to be bought and sold easily in an online black market; the main currency used is Bitcoin, an anonymous way of paying money to suppliers. Here’s a list of some of the things you can buy out there although we highly recommend that you don’t.

  1. Weapons

Weapons are bought and sold with relative ease in the darknet. Most of the weapons include pistols, stun, guns, battens and even automatic rifles such as the ak-47. However if you venture deep enough into the black market sales you may come across some quite unconventional weapons. These include military hand grenades, martyrs, rocket-propelled grenades. More worryingly nuclear weapons plutonium powered weapons are readily available in the darknet provided you have the cash to pay for them.

  1. Hitman

Another disturbing item you can purchase is a gun for hire also known as a hitman. You create a contract with the hired killer exchanging money for his or her services. Many of the hitmen on the darknet own undercover police trying to arrange a meeting with the buyer in a trap however many of them are genuine assassins who are willing to travel the globe to silence any target you desire.

  1. Forged passports

For the right price of course another identity forged passports are highly sought-after commodity on the darknet. Many people trying to access countries they otherwise would not be able to enter or will come here in hopes of obtaining a fake passport. These passports often contain the information of real people victims of identity theft. An American passport will cost around a thousand dollars, a cheap price for someone else’s citizenship. However these passports are just copies and not much harm can come to the victim once the fraudulent activity has been uncovered.

  1. Credit card information.

Unfortunately that cannot be said for the other forms of identity and private information that are stolen or sold such as credit card information. That’s right you can buy the information of somebody else’s credit card along with a copy of said card. This has been known to devastate families and ruin finances as the buyer of the card is practically impossible to trace.

  1. Drugs

Drugs are the biggest seller in the darknet. Every substance you can think of can be bought here. Items such as cannabis, LSD, opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine and even prescription drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall are available on darknet. As we bind this stuff on the streets you don’t know what you’re getting but many buyers prefer this method of acquiring their fix namely because it’s completely anonymous another huge seller is Mandrax a very popular South African drug that can cause toxic psychosis and even epilepsy.


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