5 Proven Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Here are some signs of a cheating husband that will help you to find out if your husband is being unfaithful.

Note: These are just some common signs, if you notice any of the signs in your partner that doesn’t necessarily mean he is cheating on you.

Reduced intimacy and emotional distance

He will not hold your hands or will not touch, cuddle and kiss you as often as before. He seems distant as if he is always preoccupied. When you start being romantic he will have some excuses to not accept your affection. After a healthy love life your relationships intensity suddenly decreases. He no longer says I love you and stops giving you flowers. He becomes less affectionate in words too.

Unreasonable time commitments

One big sign that your husband is cheating is when he has lots of reasons why he can’t spend time with you. He’s working late often or going out with his friends more than he used to. He comes home late and tells you that he is hanging around with friends after work.

Suspicious computer and telephone activity

There’s a suspicious name in your husband’s mobile phone and an unfamiliar chat site in his browser history. He uses the computer or his phone often especially late at night but he’s not chatting with you. He gets angry when you answer or look at his phone or computer. You received phone calls from an unknown woman who says that she’s your husband’s office mate. Your husband does not answer his cell phone when you are around or when he answers the phone he whispers so you won’t hear their conversation

Sudden changes in his schedule and Grooming Routine

His usual routine suddenly changes without valid reason or cause. He has a new schedule at the gym. Change in grooming habits out of the blue. He starts going to the gym or exercising. He is now more conscious on his physical appearance and his hair style. He starts buying new clothes. His clothes have a scent of an unfamiliar perfume or cologne you don’t recognize.


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